Keeping the Fire Alive – The Inside Wire

Keeping the Fire Alive – The Inside Wire
Reading Time: 2 minutes We’ve all been there…that cute habit that once got your pulse racing, now only manages to get the vein in your forehead pumping…and “If he does that one more time I am going to..!” Let’s face it, living your BGL after the honeymoon period is over isn’t always as easy as we’d like! So here is some top tips for keeping it so harmonious that even Ricky Martin and Juan Yosef would be envious!

1. Make sure you have a date night…and stick to it!

This has got to be one night a week when you guys are away from the groan and moan of everyday life and you make a damn good effort to make your papi feel special.

2. Laugh at yourselves!

Maybe this should be number one! When that flaming row about who emptied the dishwasher is over, and all is smiles and kisses…then this is the time to laugh at just how ridiculous you were being! Trust me it will help soften the blow the next time you are getting a RuPaul style roasting!

3. Don’t wait for birthdays and makeups to treat your boo – do it when he is least expecting it.

Slip a romantic note in his lunch; welcome him home with luxury Penhaligon candle and some sexy neo soul and show him your magic hands (interpret that how you will!)

4. Don’t be stubborn.

If he’s worth it… then he’s worth the compromise. Giving in isn’t weakness…and just think if you both compromise you might have managed to get the holy grail…your gay partner in crime (and I’m not talking about Batman and Robin!)

5. Let it go!

Ok, so he used to be Soho’s version of Pamela Anderson and got through men faster than Trump gets through allies, but who cares. Stop harping on about the past and focus on what he is serving you right now.

6. Don’t let it all go!

So you don’t have to get up 30 minutes before he wakes to style your hair anymore…but no one wants be faced with Rab C Nesbitt day in, day out. Make an effort, dress up every now and then and make sure you are wearing some hot, crisp new BGL underwear. Maybe even some bottomless briefs if it’s a real treat day!

7. Be kind. Be the partner that you want!

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