Living your Best Gay Life in Lyon: The Ginsiders Tips

Living your Best Gay Life in Lyon: The Ginsiders Tips
Reading Time: 3 minutes So, is your boyfriend begging for a surprise trip; want a weekend getaway; tempted to try something new? …why not try France’s third largest city, Lyon. I’m The G-insider (gay insider in case you were wondering). Lyon isn’t the first French city you might think of, but maybe it should be! The Lyonnaise love food, love to party and love the gays! This is a city with an open mind, and the scene is buzzing! I don’t think there is such a thing as a straight club in Lyon, and sisters can be found in every nook and cranny. If electro music is your thing, Lyon will serve you just what you want. And trust me the straight boys certainly did there very best to welcome me when I went down to a sweaty Sundays night ‘sunset society’ at Le Sucre. It sounds like a bit of a mouthful (he blushes).


If you like to keep your nights-out strictly gay, then Lyon has a surprisingly prominent scene. Why not start with a drink at one of the many gay bars of the city. Le Madone is small but the vibe is great. Or head to the ‘Sky Bar’ where most of the vibe and fun happens out on the terrace (especially when the hot blonde garcon squeezes past you with his ridiculous pert bubble butt, enveloped in the jeans that seem perfectly made to uncover the treats beneath. The gay clubs in Lyon are pretty wild and just about anything goes, so this your chance to wear those bottomless ‘Addicted’ jocks that you love so much. Garcon Sauvage is the big queer party of Lyon, with La Lavoir Public (yes that’s public toilet to you and me!) once or twice a month on Friday or Saturday…you can just check with the guys at La Madone who are always happy to help. If you really want to show off your best naughty wear and harness, then follow the hungry crowd to the sex club Le Trou…just remember on Sundays its completely au natural! Everyone seems happy to see you and it feels naughty, naughty, naughty with a capital N.

Eating out

If Clubbing isn’t your thing then there is culture and food everywhere. The most romantic of meals can be had in gay friendly restraint F2 where the food is to die for and the welcome warm. The manager Claire is so cool, calm and classy that you know you couldn’t be anywhere else but in France. Her passion for the food is infectious.

Pool side

Want to show off your new ES Swimwear…then head down to the quirky outdoor pool complex Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand. There is plenty of boys strutting around…and the views across the Rhone are just to die for!

Culture is your thing?

Situated on the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône, the Musée des Confluences is something else! It is a journey around our world from start to end. The spacelike metal and glass building made me feel like I was entering a futuristic city, reminiscent of Panem in the Hunger Games! So when your cultural itch is scratched and there are some other local delights you want to sample, the very best gay sauna in Lyon is the Sunlounge. When I went in there I felt like I was entering some sexy scene in the Game of Thrones and there was even a couple of assets peachier than those belonging to John Snow! So pack your undies and get booking! Lyon is well worth the visit!   Shop Swimwear