Living Your Best Pride Life: What Will You Wear?

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Go Rainbow - Best Pride Life

1. Go Rainbow

It’s obvious…but sometimes the best things are. If you are a ‘look-at-me’ kind of pride go-er then go all out; rainbow wig, rainbow socks, face paint…the works. Just exactly which colours you drip yourself in is entirely up to you. Just check our recent National Students Pride article to explore the debate about the most recent additions. Maybe you’re less of a spotlight-Susan and prefer a more subtler nod. A little rainbow badge here and there. Whatever mood you are in, you know the rainbow look is a safe bet.

Go Go-Go!

2. Go Go-go!

What’s pride without the eye candy. If you want the go-go boy look this Pride there is some simple rules. The shorts need to be tight, the trainers have got to have some bounce and you need some kind of arm or wristband (the secret staple of all of London’s self-respecting go-gos!). You’ve done the trimming, calorie watching, painting, glittering, flexing and pumping…so go give the people what they want! Oh, and I know just the perfect place to pick up a perky pair of pantolones cortos. Check out our activewear range from ES Collection and Marcuse.

Go Double

3. Go Double

If Pride isn’t the occasion to celebrate you and your significant other then when is. Are you are peas in a pod and want to wear matching outfits then maybe Pride is your chance. Of course you could celebrate some of the finest LGBTQ double acts; Elton John and David Furniss, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Eve and Villanelle from Killing eve, the gay couple in my little ponies! Two’s company!

Go Iconic

4. Go Iconic!

Want to give a thankful nod to one of our straight iconic allies like Kyle. Shine a light on one of our old school crusaders like Oscar Wilde. An Iconic look will grab you some attention come parade day! These costumes are going to take some research and careful planning, but I’d bet my best Judy that it will go down a storm!

Feeling Masc…then try Alexander The Great. Want an excuse to thrust your Pelvis…well did you know Elvis was bi-sexual?  What better way to celebrate those that bashed the path on which we now click-clack along.

Go Political

5. Go Political!

At recent GLAAD awards Madonna did just that. The superstar dressed as a boy scoutin a middle finger up at the youth organisation’s decision to ban gay people. Maybe now we need to use Pride to be political and make a stand more than ever. We abolished section 28 last century, yet we are still having protests in Birmingham for celebrating our devilish ways in schools! What could you do? Paint a slogan on a t-shirt? Dress as a piece of legislation? Whatever it is you have to say, maybe Pride is just the right platform to say it!

Go Kind

6. Go Kind!

It doesn’t really matter what you go as. Go as yourself if you like. Just remember what Pride is really about. Celebrate the hottie for working on their abs; cheer for the bear that flops out his belly with pride; applaud the pensioner who celebrates his sexuality in peep hole rubber. Just don’t sneer at anyone who is different than you. That’s why we need this thing in the first place remember! Its time to be each other’s biggest supporters. It’s time to lift each other up.