The Resolution Revolution -Be A Better Queer in 2020

A better queer for 2020. Happy New Year!
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In ancient Rome, New Years resolutions were a promise to the gods of good conduct in the coming year. This got me thinking about my promises for the year ahead; working harder in the gym, eating less carbs, attempting to be less vain. Were these about good conduct? Maybe. Would anyone but me care? Definitely not! As we head into the roaring 20’s I decided to be a little more altruistic. What better cause than our very own community? Here are my top suggestions to be a better queer this year.

A better queer for 2020. Happy New Year!
Support the trans community

I have had the privilege to meet some of the big movers and shakers in the trans community this year. The message is clear; they still feel like a sometimes-unwelcome distant cousin in our very own family. There has been some progress in mainstream culture, who can deny the success of ‘Pose’. But the recent tweets from J.K. Rowling, and the very existence of TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) prove there is a hell of a way to go. How can we tackle that as a community before we get our own house in order? Don’t stay silent for fear of getting the pronouns wrong (but try to get them right). Trans people have done so much for our community, so let’s give something back. Let’s celebrate all the incredible achievements of the Trans community. 

Terminate the trolling

We have all laughed at a cruel meme on our feed. There are even times when we giggle at someone’s expense from the other side of our screen. They can’t see us, but it doesn’t make it right.  There is a dangerous term which is being used by people of my age (I’m knocking on 40). It is ‘snowflake’. If someone is upset, then we call them a snowflake…they can’t take a joke. Maybe the younger generation have just clued onto the fact that they don’t have to take that crap anymore. Good for them. Why not try to use your platform power to lift people up. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Give it up for free

I’m talking about your time of course! This year I’m going to volunteer. I have been all too guilty of the “I would love to, but I don’t have any time” adage. I always find the time for a night out, so this year I will find it to give back. What about you?

London Friend is one of London’s oldest charities and the only LGBTQ drug and alcohol abuse service.  There is plenty of volunteer roles up for grabs.

Stonewall are always looking for volunteers. From counselling to social media roles, opportunities are always arising. Check out their website to see how you can help out.

AKT (The Albert Kennedy Trust) has been helping to prevent LGBT homelessness across the country since 1989. You can help with events, working with young people and much more. There is even an opportunity to offer up your roof as refuge.

Be body positive

Do like Lizzo and celebrate every part of you. Like pics of queers on IG who don’t have the smallest waist, or the biggest muscles. Don’t trash talk your body and celebrate everyone. It’s simple.

Scroll less and kiki more

Now this might seem a bit like hypocrisy as you are probably reading this on a device…put down the weapon! Spend less time on Grindr and more time flirting in a bar. Try and actually dance at the party and not just get pics of you doing it. And please, please, please don’t make your friends wait with only a drink to talk to as you make your 19th attempt to get the perfect cheers boomerang.

In 2020 be an ally, not an arsehole!