Learning To Like Lockdown!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sitting through endless catastrophe counts, multiple morose whatsapp chats and hearing the word unprecedented over 100 times…I thought we needed some uplifting! What better way than through our blog. I called upon our resident writers, John and Keye and set them a challenge. Here is their take on lockdown survival.

Keye… Booze, boys and boom

After being requested during these uncertain times to write an uplifting piece about isolation, of course I wanted to jump straight on it. The idea of being able to give people hope and optimism well all can seem but lost. Sadly, attempting to do so I realised that ‘uplifting’ was definitely not my style, so instead I thought it better to write what I know. Welcome to dating in isolation and furthermore lockdown.

Now, well personally for me at least one of the best parts of dating is of course the free wine and dinner… I mean human companionship. Now thankfully all of these things can still be done while making sure to keep everyone and especially our vulnerable safe!

Keye – Technology to the rescue

Firstly, and obviously very much required is the partner, the other person or you end up simply chatting to yourself like I have most days in isolation. Thankfully YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. This human can easily be found on a myriad of dating apps (YAY technology). There are many to pick from and of course you could even finally give in to that person who slid into your DM’s months ago.

Second up, the meet again roll-up, roll-up, technology to the rescue. It could be FaceTIme, WhatsApp video chat or even and my new favourite Houseparty app. In this brilliant new app not only do you get to video chat, but you can play some great games to pass the time when their conversation is less than tantalizing.

Finally, and of course most importantly… the wine (no one want to arrive at a first date sober). Well again this is easily solved, and I won’t say it again, but you know what I mean! Uber Eats, Deliveroo, even Just Eat take your pick they all have shops and restaurants who can safely deliver wine to your door. The delivery driver leaves, no contact at all and BOOM! Wine time!

John – slowing down, skype and sophistication

Being asked to think of something positive, honestly, was quite hard. I’m feeling very low at the moment, much more so than expected. I was trying to approach potential “lockdown” as an unexpected adventure, but the reality of the restrictions on my freedom and life have been really hard. I am though excited to have the time now to connect with friends around the world. The pace of life can mean not finding the time to make those connections. I’m going to find pleasure in this new, slower pace of life. Have meaningful phone calls or Skype meetings with friends, as well as read books I’ve meant to, and watch classic films. Soaking up culture and talking about it with friends is probably a really positive way to spend some of this time, and develop your understanding of the world as a result.

Laptops, loungewear and light relief

It is only fair I put my money where my mouth was and shared my take on staying in. It hasn’t been as bad I first imagined. I won’t lie I love an audience, and the thought of only having one man to sit in my auditorium was a worry. A worry for my other half, probably more than me. After week one I decided it hadn’t been too bad.

My first day, like many of us started with high hopes. Working at home I walked up to my laptop with vigour, on time and in my finest work outfit. I’d read that you should try and recreate your normal working environment as closely as possible. By Day 5, I was late, distracted and wearing what can only be described as ‘lounge wear’. My delight in the harmonious sanctuary I had created was faltering and tempers were getting frayed.

The long and short of it is this, it isn’t going to be perfect.  Just try to best to make the most of it and don’t beat yourself up about anything. If you do three hours of yoga every day then great. If you spend three days on the sofa watching ‘The Kardashians’ back to back, then good on you… when will you get that opportunity again.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

My biggest survival tool so far (like many) has been video calling. Who is your friend that always makes you laugh. Video call them and be a kid again. Everyone is pretty serious right now and we should get any light relief where we can.

Written by Keye-Tortice- Lunn, John Thomas  and D.Whitfield.