This Is No Time To Talk About Travel

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In the world of self isolation we are currently living in, many of us will find ourselves thinking about what we should have been doing, or where we should have gone. Many people have been disappointed to see their Easter travel plans cancelled. We are currently facing the reality that their summer vacations will not go ahead as planned.

From a personal perspective I had imagined myself dancing carelessly in the streets of Toronto. It would have been their annual pride celebrations with my bestie from Oz at the end of June. For now that trip will not go ahead as planned. As well as the disappointment of missing what was sure to be one of the most fun weeks of the year, my biggest disappointment is that it will likely be another year before my best friend from down under and I are reunited. 

NHS Heroes


Of course the impact of cancelled holidays – big or small is nothing compared to the devastation we are seeing around the world on health and the economy. My sincere thoughts are with anyone who has lost someone close to them. 

To the NHS – there simply aren’t the words to express my admiration for you true heroes. For too long overlooked or under-appreciated due to budget cuts. To all of you that have pushed forward, embracing isolation and doing your bit to contain this beast which plagues our lands – I salute you. To those fighting the virus, my prayers are with you. 

However, in a world that can currently seem all doom and gloom, we should remind ourselves that we have so much to look forward to. The battle with Covid-19 won’t last forever. We won’t be in lockdown forever.This is a great time to think about where we want to travel. What do we want to see when normal life resumes?

As a travel blogger, I’ve also been interested in the impact that our current travel bans are having on Mother Earth. I’ll talk more about these positive sides of lockdown in a future blog. 




No one knows when travel restrictions will be lifted but I’ve decided to remain optimistic. I’m starting with winter Prides taking place at the end of the year. 

São Paulo Pride – 22nd Nov 


I can certainly say that back in February the Rio Carnival was a highlight of mine and an experience I will never forget. Plus Brazilian men are totally hot!!! With all that said. The biggest pride in the world that attracts around 3-5million visitors will be no disappointment either. The “Parada Gay Sao Paulo” is notorious for being the largest Pride in the world. If it’s good enough for Lito from Sense 8 to confess his love to Hernando, then it’s certainly good enough for me.

They filmed the scenes live and unrehearsed for the  Netflix series Sense8. Sense8 was such a popular LGBTQ+ drama series created by the Wachowski sisters (formerly brothers before their transgended operations). I hate the fact that Sense8 got axed after two seasons – bring it back Netflix! 

Pic Credit: Entertainment Weekly 



If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, (or something a lot kinkier) then it’s Amsterdam’s leather pride in October.  Amsterdam sure knows how to party and the line up is looking pretty impressive. There are some top DJs being confirmed to headline the main parties. 


Amsterdam Leather Pride invites all the leather and fetish men from all over Europe. Besides the main party Damage, there are special fetish parties at the leather and cruise bars like Cuckoo’s Nest, Web, Eagle, Dirty Dicks and Club Church.

Pic credit – drawn by talented Irwin Karabell.                                                          Check out his amazing work on insta feed @ karabell.irwin 

We are going to be more grateful then ever!


So let’s continue to stick together, #staysafe and come out of the other side of this more grateful than ever for all the adventures and wild party times that lay ahead.




With lockdowns in place around the world, flights are grounded, factories  are closed and cars are off the road. Planet Earth can breathe clearly again as its lungs get a much-needed detox.

The photo below is a classic example of the benefits of what lockdown restrictions are doing to Mother Earth. When I was in Bali a few years back, I remember how congested the streets were. It was so difficult getting around Seminyak. I loved seeing the right hand picture below that was taken by a local a few days back (Photo credit: Galih Mulya Nugraha) showing how empty the streets of Bali are now. You can see how clean the road is looking as well as how peaceful!

I guess lockdown is showing how Planet Earth is going from dirty to detoxed overnight. There may be a lack of tourism now in Bali, but post lockdown the tourists will be flooding back. Ready to behold this exoitc island to soak up all its charm and support the businesses out there that rely heavily on tourism.



These simply gorgeous fairy lights were designed by talented British maker Melanie Porter. All the profits for these lights are being donated to the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal charity, so buying a set is a great way to show your support and appreciation for the fabulous NHS. 

Photo credit: Melanie Porter



There’s no doubt it’s a strange time for everyone. No person has had to go through something like this in their lifetime. As I lay back contemplating this surreal new world, the only comfort bringing peace on another night of many thoughts is to put in my AirPods and drift off to sleep to the timeless tunes of M-People. Transporting me back to a time and place long gone. A time forever accessible in my heart and mind. A time when the world then was full of adventure and promise, a time I know we will return to again soon.

By David James D’Souza