A Beginner Guide To Bottoming

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sometimes we curse the existence of the internet; the thing seems to have created robots out of us. But on the other hand, it’s a powerful tool if you’re using it in the right way. Do you know how helpful it would have been for all the gays out there to have had the chance to learn everything they had wanted to learn simply by typing the question into the search bar and reading the suggested articles? Especially when it comes to bottoming! Nowadays, everything can be taught online. You can even finish a course online.

Everyone is able to spice up their sex life in the lockdown, for example. That’s why this is an amazing time for all the little gay guys out there who are still to embark on the trip of their sexual awakening, as they can learn anything they want in a matter of minutes or hours. Do you want to be a bottom? Then there’s no reason for you to run around asking other people about it; take a look at some of the most important facts you need to know.



One of the most commonly asked questions is how to clean yourself before the bottoming process. Be aware that unless you’re clean (or unless you’re sure you’re clean), your chances of thinking about it are very high, which can ruin the pleasure for you. One way to douche yourself is by using an enema, but this is hardly the only way to do it. You can use your shower (minus the shower head) and apply the water pressure yourself. If you do this with lukewarm water and keep it inside for several seconds and then let the water go, you will notice that you’re slowly becoming cleaner and cleaner. You can also use baby wipes and a soapy finger if you want to. This is a process that will last a while, so make sure you do it at least a couple of hours before sex




Well, of course you should eat, but make sure to avoid heavy or spicy food. Instead, focus on salads and something light.




It would be good to have some sort of training, but it’s not obligatory. It would be very hard to train yourself if you don’t know what to expect, but there’s a way to catch a glimpse of what’s waiting for you. You can always find some sex toys to prepare yourself for the experience. Practice with dildos while you’re alone just to get your anal muscles used to the contractions. It will be quite uncomfortable at first, and you might feel like you’re pooping, so try this: slowly put the dildo inside, and try to relax your muscles as much as possible.



This is rather personal, but when you start bottoming for the first time, go slow, and make sure that you’re sitting on top of your guy. Get used to the penis and try to prevent injury. When you feel comfortable enough to go faster, show what kind of power bottom you are. An important thing to remember is not to clench during sex. This is a natural response, and it will surely come, so fight this urge. Just relax as your body will get used to the repeated penetration in no time. Sit on it, relax and count to ten.




Definitely. Once you get used to the sex and once you start being addicted to the penetration feeling, you might be able to pull it off without lube (there’s always spit!), but it’s always better with lube, even when you’re using a condom.


Now that you have favorited this article and wrote down everything you need to know, make sure to get yourself some sexy underwear and you’ll be good to go. Thank God you have us now – this is less painful than asking your experienced friends about it, right? Now you have some information about bottoming, you figure out the rest!



Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Queer Voices magazine from Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.