Underwear We Are Loving

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Some people may be relishing the relief of not having to face the daily battle of the mirror every morning. Escaping the daily style interrogation of which shirt goes with which trousers? Does this tie match my vibe? Can I get away with short shorts for the office?It may seem like a fashion vacation for some, but for me, I miss getting dressed in the morning. I miss the days I could envision who I wanted to be for the day. Was I going loud’n’proud with my prints, or was I feeling particularly quiet today and needed my outfit to reflect that…including my underwear!

Fashion, as for so many, helps shapes my identity.

But ever since Ms. Rona, I find myself forced to substitute my Jimmy Choos for jockstraps and Boohoo for briefs. Getting dressed up seems pointless when I have nowhere to go and no-one to see, except my cat.

My underwear drawer has been opened more times than my fridge during the COVID-19 outbreak. As each day passes, a new pair is plucked from its place and my outfit for the day is complete.

As time passed, it suddenly dawned on me that although underwear was my daily outfit, I could still forge some form of identity through it. What was I feeling particularly drawn to? What colours represented my mood as of late (hint: a lot of black and grey).

I decided it was time for an upgrade and it was, finally, time to indulge in my all-time favourite hobby of internet shopping. And so I hit the stores, virtually speaking.

And so without further adieu, here’s what I discovered on the menswear underwear market during my extravagant shopping spree to shape my new-found, house-bound identity.




As an Italian heritage brand, D.HEDRAL’s core focus lies in the fit of their pieces. Their innovative ‘Angle-Fit’ technology gives everyone all the curves in all the right places. Their recent collection sees their signature piece, brazenly named Gigolo Jo, injected with a well-needed pop of colour of high-vis yellow and fluorescent orange. These shades in their thermotape, which is subtly placed exactly where you want to show off the most.



Moving swiftly onto D.HEDRAL’s European cousin, Addicted have been in the underwear game for some time now. More specifically, it prides itself on being a gay man’s brand so I jumped at the chance of ordering myself the lates sailor stripes jock. In nautical fashion, this piece is low cut and just downright sexy. With the classic ADDICTED logo emblazoned on the waistband (who doesn’t like to show a bit of waist now and then), it’s all aboard this sexy ship and full steam ahead to butt-envy.

Red Hot


You’ll forgive me if this section is slightly misworded. My keyboard is currently drying out after having drooled over the Red Hot boys and their newly released collection. I always was a sucker for redheads. Red Hot is on a mission to re-brand the ginger male stereotype, and by the looks of their recent collection, it seems they’re succeeding. If the models alone aren’t enough to tempt you into furiously entering your debit card details, the stand-out piece is their classic brief in brilliant white. Cut to sit low on the hips, this piece is not only designed with a sharp silhouette but also woven from sumptuously soft cotton. It’s sure to light a red-hot fire in your bedroom.



Going down under, I headed to TEAM8. An Australian brand whose electric pink and mesh caught my eye. Who doesn’t like a little air down there? No? Just me? Mixed with breathable cotton and flexible elastine, this best-seller is available in 4 colourways. What I like about this piece is it’s versatility, pun intended, to go from bedroom to pool. You could easily wear this pair to the beach or to the sauna. For rest and relaxation purposes only, of course.

With my bank account begging me to stop indulging in my ever growing underwear collection, I feel these four staple pieces are the key to reinvigorating my underwear drawer. And, who knows, maybe someone other than my cat will get to see them in the future.

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Written By Alex Fassam