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It’s been at least 10 years since I first travelled KLM to Amsterdam and The Hague. In the Hague I used to attend trials in the International Criminal Court, which was pretty exciting. On the other hand, the 14 hour flight from Brazil to the Netherlands was not the best part of it…cue Rituals.


To fight the tediousness of the journey, I could always rely on a good skincare routine: deep cleanse, moisturiser, eye cream, anti-ageing and whatever else I could get samples on the Duty Free. Also, KLM offered a great set of amenities from Rituals. Since then, I tried the body scrub, several types body gel/foam, I obsessively bought their candles …

A Dutch Delight


Rituals is a Dutch brand that represents the cauldron of identities of the country. It brings Easter beauty traditions to our fast-paced society and reminds us to invest time and energy in our self-care routines. The rituals they suggest “transforms everyday events into something extraordinary”

My October’s subscription box came with 2 products that I haven’t tried yet. The Ritual of Samurai: face cream, energy and anti-age and The Ritual of Jing: soothing foot balm.

Sweet Feet


To start with, the foot balm was my perfect excuse to request a foot massage after a long day. I have started running during lockdown and this sacred wood and lavender balm was a great addition to my routine. The product has a great consistency, it is thick enough to give you that feeling that you’re adding a layer of protection to your skin, but not too thick that it feels a bit too much. It is a great choice to make your feet smoother and nourished.

Treat Your Face 


The face cream also has a powerful scent. With sencha and ginseng, I used it in the mornings for a week after showering in the mornings. It is advertising as ‘energetic’ and it really is. I love the idea of using an anti-aging during product during the day as well, so was quite taken with the purpose. I missed, however, fps protection in it – which I quite like even for cloudy days or for when I spend the day indoors.

If you have any other suggestions or want to share any highlights of your skincare routine, leave them on the comments. I’ll love to learn a bit more and to discover new products – and this another reason why I love my BGL subscription box so much.

Written by Gus Bussman

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