Art Deco -Trends for 2021

Photo credit (Art Deco): Audenza

Glamorous, Bold and Sleek!


A trend that became popularised in 1920s, Art Deco is the design style that has never really gone away. Its glamorous, bold and sleek aesthetic feels endlessly modern and seems to transcend trends. This trend gives me royal glam and Hollywood regency in one look.


Due to this style influencing a lot of exquisite craftsmanship and use of luxury materials it’s no wonder that interior designers are drawn to using it. What I love most about this type of style is its colourful nature and how it can be used in so many settings to really liven up a home. Let’s delve in deeper to this style trend that is making a comeback.


I am sure we all breathed a sigh of relief at the end of 2020. What a year.  But for now let’s head  back to the 1920s when Fitzgerald Gatsby himself was around and see the world through his eyes. It was a time when there was a heavy influence from the design world, artists and architects. The original Art Deco movement reached its height in the 1920s and 30s.

Photo credit: Interior Edit London

Why was it so popular?


The 1920s was a time coming off the back of WW1 and people had money to spend and they had a chance to think about their future. The ‘movement’, as it was called, grew out of a desire to be rid of the past and embrace the future in all its glory. People wanted something luxurious and opulent now they were living a normal life again. The clean lines and geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement definitely captivated people.


Today Art Deco is part of a wider trend that has been building. From the rise of speakeasy style bars to the popularity of the at home bar trolley and carts. During lockdown it’s been hard to go out so the millennial trend has been to experience high end dining in your home. At a time when things are a bit glum and the world seems depressing, we have looked to treat ourselves to luxury homeware and luxury items. The current appetite for gold and brass hardware, velvet and Pantone’s Colour of the year 2020 – Classic Blue are all strong indicators for this trend as *sales of these items have rocketed.

*Sales reported by Annual Designer Survey


I have carefully selected a few designers and products that I love because their style has a flair of Art Deco or at least a little nod to the era.



Husband duo Jamie and Tom have created a luxury British made wallpapers & fabrics business. It is for the brave and bold in the form of Divine Savages. Their bold graphic print brings art deco opulence to your interiors. My favourite print has to be this lush art deco martini design that is featured on wallpaper, cushions and bespoke furniture. This Deco Martini, seen here in the Blush colour way is one of their first wallpapers and is a great signature design for the duo. It has a modern day twist in colour but the pattern and print is very much in keeping with the style of Art Deco.

Photo credit: Divine Savages



You’ll find striking designs in bold colours that have a modern twist featuring everything from pineapples to flamingos, toucans and even zebras. Every design is hand drawn first and then digitally enhanced by Charlotte Jade. I think the sharp lines of geometric prisms is a real nod to the Art Deco area. Below is her stunning NHS Zebra art print that was produced to support the NHS during COVID where all the profits went to the NHS.

Photo credit: Charlotte Jade



Rebecca is known for adding a splash of beauty into her products. Her homeware collection is all produced in the UK with the promise to support British manufacturing and being sustainably kind to the environment. Her gorgeous homeware collection has parts of the process all finished by hand for that extra luxury touch. Some of her lampshades and cushions have stunning fringing that will revingorate any room with these vibrant colours and decadent finishes.

Photo credit: Rebecca J Mills Designs



Propelled by the notion of transformation, The Curious Department’s passion is to take the under-appreciated aesthetics found in nature, and transform them into unexpected mesmerising objects of beauty. They have successfully created a brand that is full of glamour and high end luxury homewares that have a modern Art Deco style. They create homewares that people will want to have in their homes.

Photo Credit: The Curious Department

Supporting The Small Local Business


As you can see from the small businesses that I have picked out – the British scene is bustling with some fantastic designers in homeware. I hope you’ve been inspired by some of the designs and you can see the great inspiration of the 1920s and 30s era that they have been influenced by. They have taken that decade and transformed their homeware and interior products to suit a modern and contemporary home. Adding their own unique and flare to the designs to give the home a modern luxury feel.


As we come out of the pandemic are we going to see a resurgence of wanting to live again? This would give even more weight to art deco and luxury decor becoming increasingly popular again in 2021.


Written By David James D’Souza

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