TOTUD: Love Songs That Changed Me!

Love songs… we all have one, that song which changes our mood, can remind us of someone, recreate a moment or simply give us solace when we truly need it.


‘All of Me – John Legend’, that’s mine, it was my wedding song. I recently (ish), had a conversation with Bear, my once Bear, about… well the things I write, he wasn’t mad or sad, simply happy that he is every part of my life as I write about him, so I felt I needed to clarify.

It will always be our song


Despite ‘All of Me’ being ‘our’ song (Bear and me), and further our wedding song, it doesn’t make me sad when I hear it, it reminds me of all that was good, as there was good, in fact great at times, but what was ‘our’ song will always be ours, simply with different meaning.


A song which once stood for all of us, now literally means all of me. I gave up my marriage and partner to find ‘All of Me’, I found him, I love him, and I’m actually rather the fan. Of me and no one but me, I feel no need to hide who I am, and no one should. I’m camp, over the top, intolerable at times, but the one thing which always remains is, I am me.


I think about Bear, every time I hear ‘our’ song, but I think about how I’ve grown now, who I am, who I couldn’t be had I not had to deal with the heartache I did. I thank Bear for who I am today, a boy who went through struggle, but thanks to Bear went through so many, and through such learnt who I really was deep down.

Love Songs that taught me 


We all have those love songs, we all have memories, and we all indeed have those ex’s, but finding and loving yourself is always and should always be the priority. Live my mistakes if you wish but learning from them is all that much easier.


Thank you Bear (you know who you are), you made me who I am, and inadvertently you are changing LGBTQ+ culture, by teaching us what is wrong and what we should not accept. Thank you Bear, you made me through trying to destroy me and now you are making history, teaching all what they should never tolerant within their own community.


Written by Keye Tortice-Lunn


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