LGBTQI+ Youth Week: Coming Out Films – The Finest Five

Young gay couple sitting at the cinema, watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Reading Time: 6 minutes I am constantly being told that there is an obsession with being young in our community. When I flick through one of our typical magazines maybe I can see why people say that. But really is this obsession any different in the straight world? It is also a surprising thing to hear when you think […]

Gay, Young and Proud LGBTQ+ Role Models

Reading Time: 9 minutes The BGL LGBTQ+ Young Role Models List 2019 For national student pride week, we are celebrating some of the most influential, interesting LGBTQ+ teens and twenty somethings around. This week is youth week here at Best Gay Life. After all, children are our future. Treat them well and all that… Joking aside, I hadn’t heard of […]

If You Ain’t Gonna Love Yourself!

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Importance of Looking After Your Own Wellbeing It’s winter, it’s getting cold and now we are bracing ourselves for the coldest spell on record…again! As if that isn’t enough, there is a barrage of news about our country teetering on a knife edge in the latest Brexit debacle, and the constant worrying news about […]

Working With Wolfyy: Introducing Renowned Travel Writer Louis Lafata

Reading Time: 4 minutes Including gay travel guide samples for gay travel to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur It’s nearly Valentine’s day and here at Best Gay Life we are focusing on loving ourselves… so welcome to our first ever wellbeing week. What better way to look after yourself than booking a holiday to explore the gay side of Singapore? […]

What Makes You And Your Friends Tick

What makes you and your friends tick

Reading Time: 6 minutes After a life time of terrible relationships, I eventually decided I needed to set some rules for any new potential suitor. That led to my number one rule…look to their friends! In the first few weeks of any new romance it’s easy to put on a façade, but his friends won’t. If they are a […]

I am Niko Wirachman…Living his ‘Best Gay Life’

Reading Time: 7 minutes Niko Wirachman isn’t just your regular chiseled hunky flawless Instagram gay sensation…he is obviously all of those things, but he is a lot more. Having trained at the prestigious Urdang Academy he has gone on to wow West End audiences in ‘Aladdin’ the Musical. Even more telling is his “I am Niko” campaign that encourage […]