Inspired by James Arthur Baldwin, an American novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and activist. Baldwin’s essays explored complexities of racial, sexual and class distinctions in Western societies.

What you get: One pair of underwear/swimwear UK shipping included


“Our visibility is marvellous”. Inspired by the revolutionary Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a trans-activist and former leader during the Stonewall Riots. Miss Griffin-Gracy has spent over 40 years educating and bringing hope to the community and trans-women of colour in particular.

What you get: One pair of underwear/swimwear. One premium personal care product or two travel size versions. UK and EU shipping included UK and EU shipping included  


“Sexual orientation is a right established by nature” Widely considered the first man to ever publicly “come out”, Ulrichs spent his life vocally campaigning for the rights of gay men and urging the repeal of anti-homosexual laws. Ulrichs lived proudly and laid the groundwork for modern gay rights.

What you get: Two pairs of the latest collection of men’s underwear. One premium full size personal care product and two travel size versions, or four travel size versions. Worldwide shipping included.


Sylvia Rivera was a Latina American gay liberation and transgender rights activist. Rivera, who identified as a drag queen, participated in demonstrations with the Gay Liberation Front, and co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), a group dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community.

What you get: One pair of underwear, one swimwear, and one activewear. A mixture of three to five premium personal care products, travel sizes included. Worldwide shipping included

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