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Let’s Say Goodbye To Bisexual Erasure

Time to read: 4 minutes International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is just around the corner. A day created to draw attention to the violence and discrimination experienced by people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions, and sex characteristics. Today I talk about being bisexual.  With 17 May approaching, I felt it would be fitting to talk

What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Tales Of The Unexpectedly Divorced).

Time to read: 5 minutes While in lockdown and slightly losing my mind, my thoughts start to wander. Amongst all of the Facetime, Houseparty and video chats in general at the moment I notice myself saying ‘I love you’ more than ever to family and friends. This made me question why do I struggle so much with saying this to


Time to read: 5 minutes We are all stuck in isolation or lockdown. This means we have a lot more time on our hands for all those home interior projects or even just to plan or create new ideas. I’ve come up with some tips about how to keep you busy, entertained and get those creative juices following. We are

Learning To Like Lockdown!

Time to read: 3 minutes Sitting through endless catastrophe counts, multiple morose whatsapp chats and hearing the word unprecedented over 100 times…I thought we needed some uplifting! What better way than through our blog. I called upon our resident writers, John and Keye and set them a challenge. Here is their take on lockdown survival. Keye… Booze, boys and boom