Our trans community continues to be one of the most discriminated and marginalised groups facing bigotry and rejection. Attacks from the media, celebrities, and prominent figures in government bodies means trans people experience a wave of unchallenged abuse, lack of economic support, and exclusion from parts of society. This must end. 

Best Gay Life’s assembly of large and loyal LGBTQ+ communities has transformed our platform into a powerful voice that we use to educate and inform. In doing so, we create real change for our trans family. 

There’s still work to be done. In the words of acclaimed writer ‘Dean Atta’, “One-off gestures does not an ally make.” We are committed to driving change now and forever until our trans family are treated as equals to the rest of society. Together, we are stronger.

Read about ways to be an effective ally in our Spectrum Blog. 

Listen, learn, and join the fight for freedom by using the following resources

UK-based resources

Mermaids: Advocates for trans and gender diverse youth

Transgender Law Center (TLC)Gendered Intelligence: Runs youth groups across the UK. In London, Leeds and Bristol, GI help  trans, non-binary and questioning young people. They  also run a peer-led support group in London for individuals aged 18 to 30.

(legal services and advocacy)

GIRES: Gender Identity Research & Education Society: GIRES is a UK-based organisation with over twenty years experience helping trans and gender-diverse people. Their purpose is to ameliorate the lives of the trans community of all ages, including those non-binary and non-gender.

Press For Change: Offers key lobbying and legal support organisation for trans people since 1992

Imaan: is a charity that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) Muslims, providing an online forum where people can share experiences and ask for help. There’s a separate support group for trans Muslims.

US-based resources Legal Services and Advocacy

Support for Families, Trans Youth, and Educators

Gender Spectrum

(support for families, trans youth, and educators)

Gender Diversity

(support for families, trans youth, and educators)

Trans Youth Equality Federation

(support for families and trans youth)

Trans Youth Family Allies (TYFA)

(support for families and trans youth)

TransTech Social Enterprises

(economic empowerment)


(advocacy for trans military service members)

Transgender American Veterans Association

(advocacy for trans veterans)


(info about trans athletes)

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